Case studies

Pupil out of school due to high levels of anxiety

After nearly two years out of education, the Autism team helped a young person break down their barrier to education and support them to enrol at college.

What was the challenge

The young person had been out of mainstream school due to high levels of anxiety. 
The young person had been referred to the Medical Education Team (MET), however, that was unsuccessful. Other agencies did not provide support due to the young person’s lack of engagement.  

Support provided

Local authority SEND services requested involvement from the Autism team, with a request to build a relationship and find a way to move forward. The Autism team delivered individual intervention support and provided transition support to help the young person find, apply and enrol on a suitable college course. The Autism team worked with the pupil and her parent to help access education. Focussing on incremental steps which involved visiting colleges and meeting key people, applying and sharing information. 

Improved outcome

The pupil felt empowered to enrol on a Health and Social care course. Despite not being in education for some time she is looking forward to starting the course.

“Last year I would never have imagined that we would be where we are; thank you for everything you have done.” Parent comment