Case studies

Raising aspirations and retaining Gypsy Roma Traveller Pupils at key stage 4

A good practice guide and case study which demonstrates how the Gypsy Roma Traveller Education Team has helped to raise aspirations, retained pupils at key stage 4 and reduce exclusion rates. 


In previous years, there had been a number of Gypsy Roma Traveller students who failed to transfer to high school, and those students that did, often didn’t complete year 11.


The Gypsy Roma Traveller Education Team worked alongside Pershore High School to identify this cause for concern and create a targeted programme of advice and guidance to support an improvement plan.

A weekly crew session (Gypsy Roma Traveller pupil group) was established to help re-engage GRT students into education, providing an opportunity, within a school setting, where they could positively identify with their own culture and be able to attend a small group provision more suited to their needs, abilities and preferred style of learning. The outcome of the crew sessions was to improve attendance, attainment and to ensure Gypsy Roma Traveller students were given the opportunity to stay in school for as long as possible.

It was important to make clear to students that their place within crew was based on their overall school attendance and behaviour.

In order to ensure the students remained focused and worked towards a positive outcome, students were offered the opportunity to follow an alternative ASDAN curriculum offering a range of nationally approved qualifications based around the development of personal, social and employability skills, through a more hands-on approach, there were some students who preferred to continue attending their lessons.


  • Increased attendance

Students wanted to attend school and be part of the sessions

  • Engaged parents to raise achievement of their children

Parents allowed their children to transfer and stay in school, knowing there was support in place to help their children

  • Raised attainment

Achievements through ASDAN curriculum

  • Improved pupil self-esteem

Allowed students to express themselves and create positive outlooks about their own cultures and feel proud of who they are.

  • Reduced prejudice

Increased wider awareness and understanding of Gypsy Roma Traveller culture amongst the other students/ staff, creating an inclusive school environment

With access to the Crew the number of Gypsy Roma Traveller students transferring to high school and completing year 11 increased.

To access support to raise attainment and retention for your Gypsy Roma Traveller pupils contact:

Telephone: 01905 846045