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Nursery safeguarding audit

Ofsted expects schools and settings to demonstrate a greater focus on safeguarding as part of an inspection.


The nursery wanted to ensure children were safeguarded and that the setting was ready for inspection.


As part of a nursery wide approach to ensure the best possible provision, the nursery approached Education Services Safeguarding Team to conduct a safeguarding audit to help identify any gaps in meeting statutory safeguarding requirements and recommend actions for improvements.


"I am reviewing our settings child protection policy, this will be re-written" "We have also taken on board other points and suggestions raised"

Full Case Study

Why was support required?

The nursery was keen to work with other professionals to ensure positive development, seeking support from the Early Years Inclusion Team to ensure the best possible provision for children with special needs and working with an Improvement Advisor to support vulnerable and disadvantaged learners. An evaluation of safeguarding policy and practice was an obvious choice to compliment this work, help ensure children are safeguarded and help the setting be ready for inspection.

What support was delivered and by whom?

Alison Newman, Safeguarding Senior Practitioner, carried out a Safeguarding Audit, working with the owner/manager to evaluate the setting’s policy, practice and record keeping.

The audit looks at every aspect of safeguarding including the security of the premises, safety, staff training and understanding, child protection procedures and records, recruitment and staff records, etc. Alison worked alongside the nursery senior leadership team and sought the views of other staff.

Following the audit the setting received a comprehensive report and feedback.

What impact has the support had?

"The support from Alison has been really useful. We welcome any support to ensure we are doing things right and to highlight any areas of improvement. Alison’s audit was very fair and highlighted areas which needed improving but also spoke about things we do have in place. I’m so glad this support was offered to us." 

Following support what key actions have been taken?

"Following the support from Alison I am reviewing our settings child protection policy, this will be re written to include the new updates from the Yellow Folder. We have also taken on board other points and suggestions raised by Alison which we have found really useful and will be implementing."