The Pre-school Forum and Education Health Care Needs Assessment

If you are looking to find out what an EHCP is or to gain an understanding of ;the Education, Health Care assessment process for a child in Early Years visit the Local Offer site for more information:

Website: SEND School Provision and Education Health Care Plans (EHCP) (opens in a new window)

Within the Early Years EHC resources below you will find further information on Pre School Forum referral and documents to support Early Years EHC assessment.

Preschool Forum Survey

In June 2021 Worcestershire Children First reviewed the functions and impact of the Pre-School Forum; the process in which the local authority monitors children with SEND during their preschool education.

We contacted all professionals associated with the Forums, and parent/carers of children who were known to the Pre School Forum, asking a series of questions to aid our review and identify areas of strengths and areas for development.

We would like to thank all parent/carers and professionals who took the time to thoughtfully answer the questions posed in the survey.

The 86 responses have been collated into a development plan to support improvements in how the Pre-School Forum discussions, referrals and decisions impacts on children's early years education and holistic development. Download the Pre-School Forum document to see the actions and progress already made.

Pre-school forum

Information about how the Pre-School Forums operate can be found at Pre-school forums | Worcestershire County Council.

Early Years settings can download the following guidance on how they can refer children (with parental permission) who may require specialist nursery provision or specialist education agency input during their Early Years to the Pre-School Forum.
The guidance explains the different steps settings must go through, including liaison with health professionals, parents and the evidence that must be in place to demonstrate that the child has met the criteria for a referral.

Download: Early Years Settings Referrals to Pre-school Forum (PDF)

Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment presentation

Do you have a child who is being put forward for an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment in readiness for starting in reception?

If so, you might find this new training power point written by the Area SENCo team a useful tool as it takes you carefully through the paperwork process, giving practical hints and tips along the way.

It is recommended that you have the required paperwork (specifically the RS36) and all accompanying evidence before you start to view the power point, as it takes you through each section of the RS36 – giving examples of what to include.

Download: Education Health Care Needs Assessment - How to complete an RS36 (PDF)


Download: Pre-school forum notification (Word document)
To refer children with significant SEN to the preschool forum, where further specialist agencies can be assigned and support required into reception class assessed.

Download: Pre-school forum - Information for parents/carers (PDF)
Information for parents detailing the role of the pre-school forum - to be passed onto any parent prior to a referral to the PSF

Download: RS-36 Request for education health care assessment (Word document)
To be completed by members of the pre-school forum for a child who potentially meets criteria for and education health care plan (EHCP)

Download: Family conversation record (EHC assessment) (Word document)
To be completed by early years setting and parents to capture the parental views as part of the EHC assessment

Download: My views early years (Word document)
To capture the views and preferences of the child as part of the EHC assessment

Download: Medical Questionnaire (Word document)
To be completed by health professionals and parents to capture any health needs as part of the EHC assessment.

Download: Guidance for Professionals for Referral to the Pre-School Forum (PDF)
The document contains information on the purpose of the Pre-School Forum, when and how a child should be referred. 

Download: WCF Q5 Pre-School Forum Request for Information Oct 2020 (Word)
This form is sent to Early Years Settings to capture an overview of their development when children are referred to the Pre-School Forum.