Supporting transition in early years for children with complex needs

The following document contains a range of information, advice and guidance on supporting children’s transition into school.

Transition to school can be a difficult time for all children, as they start their schooling in an unfamiliar environment, with new adults to get to know and new rules and boundaries to follow. 

For children with complex needs, the support at transition is of even more importance – along with the exchange of relevant information between professionals and parents.

There are a range of embedded documents that can support your setting, and the information will also give you a clear understanding of the responsibilities of schools in providing support to children with additional needs. Within the following document you will find:

The Local Offer ordinarily available in Worcestershire schools

This details the support and provision expectations for all Worcestershire schools when supporting children with additional needs.

SEN Support

A clear explanation of the different WAVES of support within schools and how these relate to the Graduated Response levels within the early Years.

Transition Meeting Templates

Different formats and suggestions of agendas to follow to ensure all relevant information is communicated.

Parents perspective

A range of suggestions that have been made by parents who have experienced successful transitions and seen the positive impact it has had on their children.

Children’s passports

Different templates to help with the exchange of information that are specific to the child.  There are also examples of how schools can provide photo booklets to children to help them familiarise themselves with the new environment.


Download: Transition Agenda template
Guidance for supporting complex children during transition into school. Further guidance can be access in the A to Z - T for Transition
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