Early years inclusion traded service

If your setting does not meet the criteria for free support, further in-depth bespoke advice and guidance can be accessed through the purchase of Early Years Inclusion Consultancy Service.

Inclusion audit of provision

An experienced Early Years Inclusion Consultant will complete an observation of your setting using a checklist to audit your provision. It will determine any adaptations, resources, training or activities that require development to support inclusive practice. An action plan will be produced in liaison with the setting SENCo and/or manager which will contribute towards the settings Self Evaluation Form (SEF).

The Early Years Inclusion Consultant will spend time in school observing general practice in your setting.

The checklist will incorporate the following areas of practice:

  • graduated response
  • partnership with parents
  • promoting positive behaviour
  • inclusion funding
  • SEND policies and procedures
  • interactions between staff and child

The consultant will feedback their findings to the SENCo and/or manager and an action plan will be produced in conjunction with the setting (approximately 1 hour).  The action plan can be incorporated within settings Self Evaluation Form.

Bespoke inclusion support

Enhance the quality of teaching and learning of children with SEND in your early years setting with the support of our bespoke consultancy, training and advice service.

  • supporting early identification and intervention
  • observations and planning for children with SEND
  • advice on role of Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
  • guidance on Individual Support/Educational Plans and Provision Maps
  • visual aids and strategies
  • strategies to support specific areas of development
  • behaviour management for children with SEND
  • support with liaison with parents for consistency of approach
  • guidance on SEND policies required within early years settings
  • support with and signposting to a range of professionals and specialist agencies
  • advice on providing quality transition support

Alternatively our Early Years Training provision offers a wide range of training across all aspects of inclusion.

Talk to us about the services we can provide

If you wish to discuss your requirements for support, please contact the Early Years Inclusion Team Coordinator:

Rebecca White
Telephone: 01905 843099
Email: eyinclusion@worcschildrenfirst.org.uk