Early years inclusion A to Z of resources

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Delayed and Accelerated Transfer Policy 2019

Worcestershire’s guidance for parents and schools on the process for either:

  • delaying entry into school for matters of SEND
  • delaying entry into school due to summer born
  • accelerated transfer

Contains all relevant guidance, paperwork and flowcharts for understanding the impact of the decision - which must be taken in consultation  with the accepting school head.

The full Delayed and Accelerated Transfer Policy (opens in a new window)

Disability Access Fund (DAF) & Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Guidance on the DAF and DLA can be found on the Funding section of the A to Z


New updated EYFS Early Support tracking documents

The Early Years Inclusion team, in consultation with practitioners' from mainstream and specialist provisions have updated the EYFS Early Support documents to reflect the changes within the revised EYFS. The documents are in draft format as we see them as a work in progress, and we welcome feedback from SENCO's and practitioners on their content. Comments can be sent to eyinclusion@worcschildrenfirst.org.uk.

Whilst the revised EYFS indicated that detailed tracking is not required for the majority of children meeting their milestones, tracking of children with significant delays and additional needs is still required as part of the Graduated Response Cycle. The documents include statements from the new Birth to Five Matters and Developmental Matters. We have also included the the months of development within the documents as this aids parents understanding of the length of delays for the children with SEND and additional needs. The secure early support steps and stages will still be used by preschool forum and inclusion team to determine whether criteria has been met for inclusion funding and integrated assessments.

New! Download: Physical (Word document)

New! Download: Communication (Word document)

New! Download: PSED (Word document)

New! Download: Thinking (Word document)

New! Download: All areas combined (Word document)

Download: Early support tracking sheet to be completed termly to chart progress over an academic year (Word document)

Effective Observations

Effective observations of children in your setting are essential to identify children's individual strengths and areas for development.  The observation tools below will support you in planning the next steps required to support the children to fulfil their full potential.

Observation Sheets available below:

Download: Blank time sample (Word document)

Download: Observation record form (Word document)

Download: Blank events incident sample (Word document)

Download: Summative record of observation (Word document)

Download: Post it note observation form (Word document)

Equality Act 2010

An overview of the Equality Act 2010 and the requirements and responsibilities of Early Years providers in meeting the requirements.

Download: Equality Act 2010 What do i need to know (PDF)

Equality of opportunity policy

A template providing guidance to Early Years settings on what should be included within the SEND policies within settings.

Download: Equality of Opportunity Policy Template (PDF)

Education health care assessments

For more information on the education health care assessments website: Worcestershire Children First education health care needs assessment (opens in a new window)


Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

PDF resources are available on request via the inclusion team: eyinclusion@worcschildrenfirst.org.uk.


Inclusion Supplement Funding for Children with Additional Needs

Online inclusion funding application process

Download: Local Inclusion Fund Criteria Full criteria (PDF) for all inclusion funding including:

  • 0 to 5 non NEF (including holiday funding)
  • GR4 challenge
  • exceptional early years funding
  • holiday and out of school provision for school aged children

Please ensure that you have read the criteria before completing an application.

Download: Early Years GR4 Challenge funding monitoring form (Word Document)
All early years settings that are awarded the GR4 challenge funding MUST complete and return this monitoring form on a termly basis to release the funding.

Download: Exceptional funding monitoring form (Word Document)
All early years settings that are awarded the exceptional funding MUST complete and return this monitoring form on a termly basis to release the funding.

Download: Inclusion funding panel deadline dates (Word Document)
Information on when the inclusion funding panel meets to make decisions on applications. Includes deadlines for when applications MUST be received by.

Download: Inclusion supplement calculator and recording spend sheet (Excel)
Excel spreadsheet to help settings predict their termly inclusion funding in order to spend it appropriately throughout the whole term. It also includes an overview sheet for recording the inclusion spend, and the outcomes the spend achieves.

Download: Local Inclusion Fund guidance - Ordinarily Available in early years 2019 to 2020 (PDF)
Full guidance on the process, provision requirements and funding available to support children with additional needs within Worcestershire early years settings.

Download: Local Inclusion Fund application - Inclusion supplement requests (Word document)
New application form that can be used for all types of early years inclusion supplement requests.

Download: WCF local Inclusion Fund Overview of GR Levels (PDF)

Inclusion Funding - Disability Access Fund

Guidance on how early years providers can access the Disability Access Fund, along with guidance on supporting parents with the Disability Living Allowance.

Download: DLA and DFA guidance (PDF)

Disability Access Fund (DFA) from GOV.UK (opens in a new window)

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) guidance for children from GOV.UK (opens in a new window)