Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Emotional Health and wellbeing

Welcome to our Emotional Health and Wellbeing pages. In today’s complex world, promoting good mental health in our children and young people has never felt so important. Positive relationships, the capacity to feel joy and the ability to be productive in adult life are all dependent on good mental health. Teaching our pupils how to be resilient and cope with the challenges they will face is essential if they are to thrive. Many will experience mental distress at some point in their childhood, with a growing number experiencing significant mental health difficulties. Timely intervention from confident skilled staff in educational settings is a key part of making a difference in this area.

Whether you are looking for some facts and figures, information about self- harm, advice about how to develop an Emotional Health and Wellbeing Coordinator role in your school or to book some intervention work for a recently bereaved child, you will find what you need within our emotional health and wellbeing pages.