Educational Psychology

Traded services

The Educational Psychology team are available to provide support to ensure the psychological and learning needs of your pupils are met. We can work with you to promote positive emotional health and wellbeing, provide effective support for challenging pupils and help children and young people reach their academic and developmental potential.

Support from Educational Psychology is flexible and responsive to your needs. We work in a way which will help you find solutions to key issues you may be facing and build your school capacity to meet your pupils’ needs in the longer term.

Traded support can be purchased through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or time based consultancy on an ad-hoc basis. SLA consultancy is purchased is 3 hour sessions. Multiple sessions can be purchased to achieve the required service level. If appropriate a minimum two hour visit can be arranged through time based consultancy.

Educational Psychologists are able to carry out work with schools and educational settings at a number of levels:

Work with children and young people

Examples include:

  • gathering and representing views
  • individual and group therapeutic support
  • individual assessment
  • consultation and advice
  • direct individual work to support access to the curriculum

Work with parents and carers and staff from other agencies

Examples include:

  • mediation
  • support for transition
  • signposting and liaison
  • solution focused consultation
  • workshops and support groups
  • specialist interventions using Video Interaction Guidance

Strategic whole-school work

Examples include:

  • action research
  • behaviour & inclusion audits
  • supervision
  • stress management for staff
  • team building
  • collaborative problem-solving
  • coaching

High quality, bespoke training and whole-school and staff development

This support can be delivered to individuals, small groups or to whole staff teams.

Areas of expertise include:

  • learning difficulties
  • low-incidence difficulties
  • loss and bereavement
  • behaviour management
  • emotional wellbeing/ mental health
  • social and emotional development
  • adverse childhood experiences and trauma
  • social communication difficulties and Autism
  • speech and language development

The Educational Psychology Service also provides central training for schools.

The activities and areas of expertise listed are not exclusive and any school wishing to discuss their bespoke needs should contact the service to discuss the support available.

Impact of Educational Psychology involvement

Support from Educational Psychology can result in:

  • increased understanding of pupil needs including the most vulnerable and complex
  • effective inclusion of pupils in their local schools
  • better relationships and joint working between schools and parents
  • increased effectiveness and consistency of pupil support and interventions
  • better learning, social and emotional well-being outcomes for pupils
  • reduced staff and parental stress levels
  • positive transitions between phases and stages of education

Our support is not limited to the solutions listed

Upon enquiry an adviser will recommend the hours required to address your specific concerns and ensure you get the best value from your SLA purchase. Schools are able to purchase bespoke time-based consultancy or packages of set hours.

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Educational Psychology Service Testimonial Comment from school SENCO

Fantastic communication and service provided. The representative always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our children, and has provided me with a lot of support and guidance with being new to the SENCO role.