Apply for 30 hours of childcare for 3 and 4 year old fostered children

All children are eligible for 15 universal hours of free childcare.

Children in foster care may be eligible for 30 hours of childcare if it is consistent with their care plan and foster carers are in paid work outside of their role as a foster parent.

What you should do before you apply

Before you apply for 30 hours free childcare for foster children you should

  • speak to the child’s social worker before applying to find out if you may be eligible
  • if the child's social worker agrees you may be eligible then complete the application form
  • once you and your partner (if you have one) have signed, the form must be counter-signed by your Worcestershire supervising social worker
  • the supervising social worker should send this form to their Team Manager, and if agreed, they will send it onto the Virtual Headteacher for Worcestershire
  • the supervising social worker, if outside of Worcestershire or from an Independent Fostering Agency, should send this form and a photocopy of the evidence of employment to the Virtual Headteacher for Worcestershire

What is the criteria?

The follow criteria must be met for 30 hours of free childcare for foster children:

  • Worcestershire is the Corporate Parent of the child; if the corporate parent is another Local Authority you must contact them for an application form
  • funding starts the term after the child's third birthday or when the application is processed. For more information see when can the child have a free childcare place?
  • it's in the child's care plan that attending a childcare setting for the additional hours is in their best interest
  • all foster parents in the household are working outside of fostering, or if a couple, at least one parent is working and the other parent is in receipt of a qualifying benefit
  • the foster parents are European Economic Area (EEA) nationals or have a visa allowing them to have access to public funds
  • the foster parents must live in England
  • the foster parents are working, but earning less than £100,000 net per year or
  • non-foster parents in the household must meet the original criteria for a 30 hour code:
    • working and earning the equivalent of 16 hours per week at the minimum wage or national living wage
    • earning less than £100,000 per year; and
    • EEA national or have a visa allowing them to have access to public funds.

Application form

Download: Application form

Who can I contact for information and advice on applying?

If you need more help, contact your local Family Information Service.