Standard 3 Healthy Eating

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Level 1

Topic Criteria Guidance
Raising awareness
Display and provide general information about healthy eating Offer material for employees to take home to help them make healthier choices when planning meals.
For example:
  • Making healthier choices while food shopping, ordering in restaurants and reading food labels
  • Fats and cholesterol reduction
  • Salt and sugar reduction
  • Planning balanced meals for the whole family
  • Vegetarian eating
  • Weight management
Set up a notice board, intranet page or newsletter etc.
Promoting healthy eating
Create a workplace environment which encourages staff to incorporate healthy eating in their daily routine Ensure any kitchen facilities or beverage areas are clean and in good condition and, where appropriate, comply with food hygiene regulations.  Ensure staff have access to fresh drinking water

Level 2

 Topic Criteria
Leading good health
Establish a Healthy Eating champion who will lead in promoting healthy eating and ensure staff are of aware who the Champion is  You may wish to put a photo of the champion with an explanation of their role on a notice board or work intranet. Display information regarding the role.  The role of the Healthy Eating champion is to lead in promoting healthy eating in the workplace.
Leading healthy eating
Develop a plan or policy supported by evidence of staff engagement to increase the availability of a
healthier eating option

Leading healthy eating
Support and enable staff to make healthy eating choices Where food is provided on-site i.e. vending machines, canteens/restaurants or mobile catering ensure healthy options are provided and that unhealthy options are not the easiest option. You could also make information about food content available at the point of sale.

Where appropriate, work with on-site caterers to improve healthy food provision including marking healthy options. Involve staff in menu development.

Level 3

Topic Criteria
Raising awareness, improving and maintaining good health
Review annually food policies or plans with active staff engagement and keep up to date Evidence that policy documents are reviewed and approved annually.  Management support should be documented and staff engagement evidenced.
Raising awareness, improving and maintaining good health
Proactively raise the awareness of the benefits of healthy eating

Organise seminars/presentations/ initiatives on subjects such as:

  • The benefits of healthy eating
  • How to prepare healthy food

Provide time for employees to go to information sessions.  Ensure staff are able to raise their views and opinions in regards to what healthy options they would like available.