The Process

Worcestershire works well

Stage 1: Organisation preparation for Worcestershire Works Well

  • Employer gains managerial support to commit to Worcestershire Works Well
  • Employer identifies 'Workplace health and well-being champion'
  • Employer send/emails submission form to Worcestershire Works Well
  • On receipt of submission form a Worcestershire Works Well representative will contact the employer to arrange on-site visit to discuss toolkit and provide guidance for implementation.  The representative will bring a hard copy of the toolkit for the organisation

Stage 2: Achieving Worcestershire Works Well Accreditation

  • Employer submits evidence via their representative to Worcestershire Works Well panel starting at Level 1
  • Worcestershire Works Well Panel assesses evidence
  • Certification given if requirements met


  • If requirements not met support and guidance will be offered to employer from Worcestershire Works Well representative
  • Employer to re-submit evidence following recommendations given from Worcestershire
  • Certification given if requirements met

Stage 3: Post Certification

  • Guidance provided by the Worcestershire Works Well representative to support business to achieve next level
  • Bi-annual forums provided for Work place health and well-being champion
  • To maintain accreditation at Level 3, an annual action plan must be submitted. Attendance at a bi-annual Worcestershire Works Well event by your Workplace health and well-being champion or senior manager is also required