About Accreditation

Worcestershire works well
Worcestershire Works Well is open to all public, private and third sector organisations that are located in the county. Businesses must have a minimum of 2 employees to be eligible to take part in the scheme. It is free to sign up to Worcestershire Works Well.

The Worcestershire Works Well consists of 9 standards. These are:

  • Standard 1 - Promoting Good Health
  • Standard 2 - Smoking and Tobacco Control
  • Standard 3 - Healthy Eating
  • Standard 4 - Health and Safety
  • Standard 5 - Mental Health and Well-being
  • Standard 6 - Physical Activity
  • Standard 7 - Alcohol and Substance Misuse
  • Standard 8 - Attendance Management
  • Standard 9 - Leadership
There are 3 levels which your organisation can work towards. Once you have met the criteria for the standards at level 1 you will be awarded with a certificate. You must meet the criteria needed for the lower level before submitting evidence for the next level.

Accreditation from Worcestershire Works Well will demonstrate that you are an employer who takes employee health and well-being seriously.