Meetings and key documents

Business Plan

Our Business Plan sets out our vision and strategic goals and outlines how we will deliver services for children, young people and families in Worcestershire.

Download: WCF Business Plan

Board meetings

Our Board meets on a monthly basis to shape and steer the direction of the Company along with monitoring and challenging performance and finances. Our quarterly board meetings are held in public this will also include our Annual General Meeting.

Meeting dates

  • Tuesday 18 February from 2.00pm (Public Meeting)
    Download: February Public meeting papers
  • Tuesday 17 March from 2.00pm
  • Tuesday 21 April from 2.00pm
  • Tuesday 26 May from 2.00pm (Public Meeting)
  • Tuesday 30 June from 2.00pm
  • Tuesday 28 July from 2.00pm
  • Tuesday 25 August from 2.00pm (Public Meeting)
  • Tuesday 22 September from 2.00pm
  • Tuesday 27 October from 2.00pm
  • Tuesday 24 November from 2.00pm (Public Meeting)

Governance and Democratic Scrutiny

The way in which we work with the Council is an opportunity to continue improving scrutiny and democratic reporting arrangements, including ensuring the right information is provided to the right people, without duplicating effort (for example multiple documents or reports for similar purposes).

Democratic (and public) reporting arrangements

Governance Group Purpose Reporting Requirements Approvals Reporting Cycle
Cabinet Providing oversight and scrutiny on Company performance. It will hold the Company to account for delivery of strategic outcomes and overall financial performance. Business Plan Performance Business Plan Policy Decisions Reserved Matters Annual for Business Plan and as required for Policy and Reserved Matters
Full Council Approval of the budget Company Budget Approval Company Budget Annual
Children and Families Scrutiny Panel Forum in which elected members can scrutinise the Company and seek assurance over progress and any issues that arise Oversight Not applicable Quarterly or as required

Governance meetings

Access agendas and minutes:

Worcestershire County Council: Cabinet (opens in a new window)

Worcestershire County Council: Council (opens in a new window)

Worcestershire County Council: Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Panel (opens in a new window)