Connecting Families

In 2016, Worcestershire Partners launched a year-long pathfinder for the ‘Connecting Families’ programme to provide services to those with severe and complex needs. It proposed a key worker model to co-ordinate service provision and ensure that activities were person-centred. Initial appraisal of the likely benefits of the programme suggested around £7m of savings would be achieved through the new approach in Redditch alone.

As the pathfinder comes to a close, understanding what we have done well and what has had the most impact for residents is central to shaping how we spread the lessons learned across the County as a whole. We are working with a number of local partners to share outcome data, that has been completely anonymised to protect our residents’ privacy, so that we can prove the benefits and refine our approach.

Contact and General Enquiries

We believe that trust comes from transparency. If you have concerns, questions or ideas we want to hear from you. Please contact Neill Crump via email: and Neill will respond as soon as he can. Alternatively get in touch via Twitter @neillcrump for more general enquiries.