Children's Social Care Improvement Plan

 Working Together to improve the lives of our children and young people in Worcestershire

Dr Catherine Driscoll

Dr Catherine Driscoll

Our Director of Children, Families and Communities

Working together we will improve the lives of our children and young people. This plan puts the child at the heart of everything we do. It focuses on ensuring that we have the right conditions in place to allow our staff to do their very best.

Working with our partners we will listen to the voice of the child to improve outcomes for the county’s children.

Following the inspection in October 2016 we filmed Chief Executive, Clare Marchant, speaking about her commitment into making sure children's services are improved in Worcestershire and are done so quickly. Dr Catherine Driscoll, Director of Children, Families and Communities, also spoke about her 'driving ambition' to improve services for children in Worcestershire following the Ofsted inspection. 

We are expecting the next full Ofsted inspection of Children’s Social Care Services to take place shortly. We are confident that we will improve on our previous rating as we’ve been able to demonstrate to Ofsted, through their monitoring visits, continuous progress with improving our services for children and young people in Worcestershire.

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