Take advantage of free connectivity in Worcestershire libraries

Published Wednesday, 10th August 2016

As part of The Government's scheme to ensure all libraries in England have free Wi-Fi access, the County Council successfully secured over £100,000 through Arts Council England in September 2015 to...

...upgrade 18 Worcestershire libraries' internet access

The County Council is pleased to announce that the installations and upgrades to library Wi-Fi are now complete, enabling residents, students and businesses to take advantage of the free connectivity boost.

The fund supports the Arts Council’s goals around developing library services, ensuring that they are fit for purpose now and in the future. The scheme provides further opportunities to extend library services, lead to growth in digital skills and develop important new partnerships that will benefit local residents.

It is estimated that there are currently over 40,000 residents in Worcestershire who have never used the internet, and with the digitisation of many services, it is vital to ensure there is opportunity to get online.

With the upgrade now complete, easy access to Wi-Fi will allow users the flexibility to drop in to any county library, log on using their own devices and do what they need to do with ease and without fuss.

Customers can also access a wealth of resources via the e-catalogue where popular eBooks, eMagazines and audiobooks can be downloaded.

Cllr Lucy Hodgson, Worcestershire County Council's Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Localism and Communities said: "Libraries are busy community hubs that bring people together and we hope that free Wi-Fi will encourage more people to use and enjoy their local libraries in Worcestershire. This is an exciting opportunity which allows us to increase the digital offering in our libraries, look to develop new partnerships and build a strong and sustainable library network across the county for the future."

Cllr Andy Roberts, Worcestershire County Council's Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Transformation and Commissioning said: "These funding schemes are vital to the expansion of the digital offer in libraries and give us a fantastic opportunity to upgrade what we offer in Worcestershire. Ensuring the county has access to free WiFi boosts the digital economy and enables more people to take advantage of everything the internet has to offer."

To find your local library, visit www.worcestershire.gov.uk/librariesandlearning.