'Let's Waste Less' poster competition

Published Wednesday, 13th July 2016

Children from Stanley Road Primary School in Worcester have called on their community to waste less food with eye catching panels for the side of the refuse collection vehicle that picks up the...

...rubbish and recycling in their roads.

As part of a day in the school to raise awareness of the impact of food waste, the pupils were asked to design a poster that could go on a Worcester City Council refuse collection vehicle to help spread the message of reducing food waste across the city.

The winning designs by Maja Komocka from Year 2 and Jaza Lone from Year 6 were unveiled by Cllr Anthony Blagg, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for the Environment, who said: "These posters are really eye catching and clearly show the message that we cannot continue to waste perfectly edible food, just because a banana has a slight bruise on it or you've succumbed to the 'Buy One Get One Free' offers in the supermarket.

Cllr Blagg added: "Over 7 million tonnes of food is thrown away each year in the UK at a cost of over £12 billion. Every family could save over £700 a year just by throwing away less food.  At Worcestershire County Council we want to reduce the amount of waste that we have to dispose of, which is currently around 264,000 tonnes. 

"If each household in the county threw away just 10% less food every year, not only would they save themselves money, but the County Council would save £2.7m in disposal costs.  This money could be better spent elsewhere within the county".

Cllr Jabba Riaz, Worcester City Council Cabinet member for Clean, Green and Leisure Services, said: “I’m very pleased the City Council’s refuse lorries are displaying these fantastic posters, giving these talented youngsters the chance to make a great contribution to reducing food waste in our city.”

This poster competition is one of many initiatives being run by Worcestershire County Council to encourage residents to waste less.  If you have a passion for talking rubbish and are interested in becoming a volunteer Waste Champion please visit www.letswasteless.com for information.

For more information on how to reduce your waste go to www.letswasteless.com