'Severn Arts' to be new name of Worcestershire Youth Music

SAL Published Wednesday, 29th June 2016

Worcestershire Youth Music is to be renamed 'Severn Arts' in recognition of the increasing breadth and scope of its service.

In September 2015, Cabinet approved a decision that Worcestershire Youth Music would continue to work towards the transformation of the service into a social enterprise, and more specifically as a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.

There is a growing need for WYM to diversify in to wider arts and cultural provision, for it to be able to operate in partnership with non-Worcestershire based providers. Most importantly, it must be able to access funding streams not currently available, and consequently further develop its support and provision for children and young people.

Cllr Lucy Hodgson, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Localism and Communities said: "We recognise and endorse the need for the service to undertake this development in order for WYM to increase its impact on the lives of the young people of the County. We are confident that WYM will go on to even greater success under the name 'Severn Arts'."

Trevor Jones, Strategic Music Education Manager, said: "Whilst the current name for the service is known and respected by schools and communities it does not fully accurately describe the diversification of the service as it develops the range and breadth of its music and arts offer."

The name 'Severn Arts' has been decided upon after a great deal of consultation and the service is now undertaking a process of rebranding. Documentation and publicity is already in place for the new academic year, but initially, the name WYM will be retained in order to avoid confusion.

The website for the new organisation will be www.severnarts.org.uk