Demonstrating commitment to reducing climate change

Published Tuesday, 29th March 2016

Worcestershire County Council signs up to the 'Climate Local' commitment.

Worcestershire County Council has demonstrated its commitment to reducing CO2 and preventing the negative effects of Climate Change by signing up to the 'Climate Local' Commitment, which has been established by the Local Government Association.

Climate Local encourages councils to commit to local actions to reduce carbon emissions, and improve their ability to protect people and services from the anticipated effects of climate change.

By publishing their commitments councils show they are willing to address the impacts of a changing climate and to build on existing achievements.

The initiative is in line with current activity and supports Worcestershire County Council's current aims of reducing its carbon footprint, improving Worcestershire's resilience to future extreme weather, assuring its energy supplies and reducing its energy costs. The actions it has published showcase the wide range of innovative projects it is currently undertaking to build Worcestershire's low carbon economy, hit carbon reduction targets, adapt to climate change and empower communities to take action. 

Cllr Simon Geraghty, Leader of Worcestershire County Council said: "I am very happy to sign up to the Climate Local Commitment as it fits very neatly with our ongoing priorities. This commitment, combined with our County Climate Change Strategy provides a clear message to everyone about the efforts we are making in carbon reduction related activities."

Cllr Anthony Blagg, Deputy Leader and cabinet member for Environment added: "We are actively addressing the risks presented to us by a changing climate through our Sustainability Programme. Together with partners, local people and businesses, we can promote smarter use of energy; deliver resource efficient services and ensure that our own buildings and operations are resource-efficient. By signing up to this pledge we can clearly show our commitment to achieving these aims."