County's education chief welcomes fairer funding for schools

Education funding Published Tuesday, 8th March 2016

Worcestershire welcomes the long-awaited consultation on Fairer Funding for Schools.

Under proposals published for consultation today the government has started the process of introducing a national funding formula from 2017-18. This should end the inequity of children in Worcestershire receiving £1,000 less than their peers in Birmingham.

A single national funding formula for schools will remove the role of the local authority, ensuring pupils with similar needs attract the same level of funding to their school, and will also give head teachers far more certainty over future budgets.

As an active member of the f40 group, Worcestershire has lobbied for Fair Funding and this is the start of the essential step to ensure pupils in Worcestershire schools receive the funding they deserve.

John Campion, cabinet member for Children and Families said: "This County Council, officers and cabinet members, together with Robin Walker MP, have been proactively fighting for fairer funding for schools for many years.

"For too long Worcestershire's schools have been disadvantaged by the postcode lottery of education funding. We are delighted this pressure has led to yesterday's announcement. We made a powerful case for fairness for our schools. The government listened and responded by making sure that every school, regardless of where they are, receives the funding they need to ensure all children get access to the education they deserve."

Today’s announcement marks the first stage of the consultation process which proposes giving all schools a core allocation for the costs of teaching all pupils, alongside funding for deprivation, costs incurred by schools serving rural communities and those in areas paying higher costs. The second stage of the consultation will set out the full impacts of the funding formulae across schools and local authorities.