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Severn Valley Railway (SVR) lends a hand to scrub up Hartlebury Castle grounds

Published Friday, 29th January 2016

Transforming the grounds of Hartlebury Castle took a giant leap forward this week, when a group of experienced volunteers came along to lend a hand.

A team from Severn Valley Railway (SVR) came to Hartlebury Castle on January 29 to deploy their chain saw expertise and help transform the grounds while the Castle was empty.

The volunteers put in a full day's work, clearing saplings which had taken root in the grounds and clearing the dense growth from Queen Elizabeth's Walk. Their hard work transforming a lot of the overgrown ground was filmed by the Kidderminster Video Makers, who have been following the volunteers and their activity at the Castle over the last year and documenting all the work that goes on. 

Linking the two charities is the Castle Class locomotive 'Hartlebury Castle' whose name plate is now housed in the castle. Originally, the locomotive spent its time allocated to Old Oak Common, the West London depot of the Western Region. 'Hartlebury Castle' would have mainly pulled express trains from London Paddington to the South West, South Wales and here in the West Midlands.

Alison Brimelow, vice president of Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust said: "We are hugely grateful to Severn Valley Railway for their support. This was truly transformational for our gardens. Our volunteer gardeners can now see what they are doing and can press on with the task of making the gardens a project worth visiting in 2016.  The volunteer's day was fueled by lots of home-made cakes which I am sure were enjoyed by all."

Paul Noons for Severn Valley Railway added:  “Since the  'Hartlebury Castle' locomotive can no longer come to the Severn Valley Railway,  it seemed fitting for the Severn Valley Railway to come to Hartlebury Castle. After our successful Golden Jubilee last year, it was only proper that we help a young charity, with whom we have a Great Western Railway connection, on its way. The cake definitely helped to make it all worthwhile.”