Councillor says ‘Don’t give to landfill this Christmas’

Published Tuesday, 22nd December 2015

On 8 December, WCC Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Environment, Cllr Anthony Blagg, visited Envirosort.

The plant, at Norton near Worcester, sorts all the recyclable materials that are collected from kerbsides throughout Worcestershire and Herefordshire. 

Envirosort, which is run by county waste management contractor Severn Waste Services, has just undergone a major refit aimed at improving the quality of material that is exported from the site for recycling.

In the festive season, Councillor Blagg is urging Worcestershire householders to increase levels of recycling by saying ‘don’t give to landfill this Christmas’. 

Cllr Blagg said: "This is a great opportunity for householders to ‘give’ more plastic and metal containers, glass, paper and cardboard for recycling in the kerbside collections rather than see these resources go to waste in landfill."