Lewis joins 'Takeover Challenge' as Chief Executive for the day

Published Thursday, 3rd December 2015

Last Friday (November 20), Lewis Maskell came to County Hall to take over the top job as Chief Executive as part of National Takeover Day.

The event, which is led by the Children's Commissioner of England, takes place all over the country and is an opportunity for young people to get an insight in to what it's like to be at the helm of organisations. 

The Takeover Challenge requires young people to leave their normal day behind and perform somebody's job or role for the day.  They are encouraged not only turn up but also help make decisions and take action as that person ordinarily would.

Cllr John Campion, Cabinet Member for Transformation and Commissioning, supported the event saying: "Takeover Challenge allows young people to gain invaluable experience of working life. Not only will this help future generations enter the world of work with useful experience behind them, it will also help them shape their own ambitions and ideas for their life directions."

18 years old Lewis Maskell from Speak Out stepped into the shoes of our Chief Executive, Clare Marchant.  During the day he attended a Cabinet meeting, the Safeguarding Improvement Board, was part of an Anti-Terror conference call and participated in recording Clare's Cabinet podcast to staff.

Talking about his day, Lewis said: "I really enjoyed taking over the chief executive's job and attending meetings and other things I would never have the chance to, it has opened my eyes to the career path I want to take, although getting there will be another matter. Thank you WCC and Clare Marchant for allowing this to occur."

Locally, the event is co-ordinated by the County council's Kirsty Fraser, Youth Voice Development Worker. 

Kirsty Fraser added: "Takeover Day is a great opportunity for young people to find out what it's really like to be in work and understand how decisions are made.  We are really pleased that so many people still get involved. Many organisations have told us how they benefit too by meeting and understand younger people, who will be the staff and customers of the futures."

For more information please visit www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk/takeover_day or contact Kirsty Fraser on 01905 775773.