'Service to Civvy Street' booklet to help ex-Service personnel

Published Tuesday, 10th November 2015

Worcestershire County Council is encouraging ex-Service personnel and their families to benefit from a new information booklet available at GP surgeries throughout the county.

'Service to Civvy Street' is a booklet to help ex-Service personnel and their families navigate healthcare, employment, housing, education and other support available in Worcestershire.

It has been produced by Worcestershire County Council in partnership with public and voluntary sector partners and was funded by the MOD's Community Covenant Grant Scheme.

If you have served in the Armed Forces or are the partner, spouse or family member of someone who has served in the Armed Forces then this booklet is for you.

There may have been time to plan for discharge from the Armed Forces or this may have happened suddenly. Whatever the circumstances, this booklet is to help you and or your family members settle into your civilian life in Worcestershire.

Cllr Rob Adams, Chair of Worcestershire Armed Forces Community Covenant Partnership said: "The Demos report 'Under-Served', which was published last week, highlighted the challenges facing ex-Service personnel when they the leave the Armed Forces.

"The transition from military to civilian life can be quite stressful. The good news is that there is a lot of support available in Worcestershire, however the problem sometimes is knowing where to turn to for that support.

"We hope that this booklet will make it easier for veterans and their families to find the right support and services to help their transition into civilian life."

Brigadier Rob Anderton-Brown, Commander of the 11th Signal & West Midlands Brigade, added: "I very much welcome and appreciate this initiative by Worcestershire County Council who, as part of the Armed Forces Community Covenant, are intent on helping and supporting those Service personnel and families who are beginning new careers outside the military and settling in the Worcestershire area.

"This booklet provides a wealth of information which will be of tremendous value for those transitioning to civilian life and help them navigate their way through what can be an unsettling and uncertain period."

'Service to Civvy Street' is already available online at http://www.worcestershirepartnership.org.uk/

Worcestershire County Council has also worked with Herefordshire County Council on a similar booklet which will be available later this month.