Celebrating the foster family with sons and daughters

Published Friday, 23rd October 2015

This month Worcestershire Fostering are celebrating the foster family and in particular sons and daughters.

A special event has been organised to give thanks to their carers' sons and daughters for their support through the 'tears, sadness and happiness' that being part of a foster family can bring.

The event is The Fostering Network’s annual campaign to celebrate the vital contribution which the children of foster carers make to successful foster care.

Every year in October, fostering services across the UK run events or campaigns to recognise and reward children and young people for the important role they play welcoming fostered children in to their families.

Worcestershire is hosting a celebration event for their carer's children on Wednesday 28 October at 11am. The event coincides with the regular Worcester Foster Carer support group held every month at The Bedwardine, in St John's and will give the opportunity for local foster families to meet one another.

Ian Randall is a foster carer, who also runs The Bedwardine pub in St John's. He gives his full support to the event saying:

"I think it is important to remember that it is the whole family who foster. The Sons and Daughters Day at the Bedwardine is a way to thank the children of foster carers for the support and understanding that they show to their foster siblings and their parents.

"It also gives the children a chance to talk to other children who are in the rare but privileged position of being a member of a foster family."

He added:

"We are so proud of how well our children have taken to fostering. Without their help the experience would be a lot harder. Even as I write this they are playing with our little one, getting their toys out for him and giving me a chance of a coffee break. Fostering has definitely brought out the best qualities in all of them."

For more information visit www.worcestershirefostering.co.uk or alternatively

Call: 0800 028 2158 to find out more.