Worcestershire's young people have their voices heard

Published Friday, 2nd October 2015

Worcester's Commandery will be playing host next week (Saturday 3 October) to the Youth Cabinets big count.

During the summer, The Worcestershire Youth Cabinet and the Worcestershire representatives of UK Youth Parliament have been busy getting ballot sheets filled in by young people throughout Worcestershire to find the issues most important to them.

This was part of a national consultation organised by the UK Youth Parliament to find out what young people wanted UKYP to focus on for the next year. It also decides what issues will be debated in the UK Youth Parliament's House of Commons event that will take place in November.

On Saturday the 3rd October the Youth Cabinet will be holding their official vote count in The Great Hall at the Commandery in Worcester. This event is a way of celebrating young people being part of real democracy, and ties in with the national Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebrations, for which The Commandery is staging a year-long programme of events themed around Liberty and Democracy.

Young people will also be at the Commandery on Saturday  10th October to be part of the National Make Your Mark Announcement Day talking to visitors to the museum.

Youth Cabinet Members use Make Your Mark as an opportunity to find out what young people in Worcestershire felt was most important to them. The Worcestershire Youth Cabinet will then Campaign on the top 3 issues. 

Nationally, in the 2014 consultation there were 850,000 ballot papers completed; and of those, 115, 00 were from the West Midlands.  4,367 were from our very own young people here in Worcestershire.

Katie Bexley age 16 – The Chair of Worcestershire Youth Cabinet said: "Make Your Mark is an incredibly important opportunity for young people to represent themselves and select the issues that are brought to the attention of decision makers. The Make Your Mark announcement day is an exciting chance to engage more people in youth democracy and we hope to be able to talk to people of all ages about what we are doing and what has been achieved. Hopefully, we can excite Worcestershire's public about the possibilities for youth democracy in the future."

The Commandery has Free entry for Worcester City residents who pay their Council Tax to Worcester City Council. Please bring a copy of you Council Tax bill  / Exemption Certificate.

For more information on the Commandery visit www.worcestershire.gov.uk/museums/info/1/the_commandery

Or for more information on the Youth Cabinet follow them on twitter @YouthCabinetW.