Flag hoisting to say ‘thank you seafarers’ on Merchant Navy Day, 3 September

Published Friday, 21st August 2015

Worcestershire County Council is looking for members of the Merchant Navy to attend the raising of the Red Ensign, on Merchant Navy Day, September 3 at a special event being hosted at County Hall, Spe

The event is to raise awareness of the UK’s ongoing dependence on Merchant Navy seafarers.

The County Council is looking for representatives from the Merchant Navy who are able to attend the event on Thursday September 3 at 10am.

The chairman the Council Ian Hopwood will preside, and everyone is welcome to attend the ceremony to commemorate this event.

Worcestershire County Council is supporting a nationwide call from the Seafarers UK charity and the Merchant Navy Association for the UK Merchant Navy’s official flag to be flown on public buildings and landmark flagstaffs.

The charity’s president, HRH The Earl of Wessex, has endorsed the campaign, saying: ‘On this Merchant Navy Day, I very much hope you will support this campaign to remember the sacrifices, salute the courage and support the future of the often unsung personnel of our Merchant Navy.’

As an ‘island nation’ the UK relies on Merchant Navy seafarers for 95% of our imports, including half the food we eat. The UK has the largest ports industry in Europe. 75% of our exports (by volume) are shipped from UK ports, some of which are supporting the campaign by encouraging visiting ships to sound their horns at 10am on 3 September.

Any Merchant Navy personnel able to attend should contact Lisa Banks on 01905 766650.