Worcestershire's youth parliament urges the County's young people to make their mark

Published Friday, 17th July 2015

This Autumn Worcestershire's three youth parliament members are urging young people in schools and youth organisations across the county to take part in the Make Your Mark campaign.

Last year, over four thousand young people took part in the national consultation and gave their views on the issues that young people in Worcestershire want the UK Youth Parliament to focus on.  Nationally  875,000  young people took part.

As a result of the ballot last year, the three young people from Worcestershire,  Katie Bexley  16, Jai Bolton 16,  and Lauren Millichip 17,went to the House of Commons alongside the other Members of UKYP and took these issues to a wider, national stage.

This autumn, the UKYP are hoping to include even more views from young people across the country by encouraging other organisations to get involved in the ‘Make Your Mark’ national ballot to decide what the UK Youth Parliament should campaign on for the year ahead.

We are really pleased to see that some of Worcestershire's schools have already signed up to get involved, these are published on the UK Youth Parliament's Website:


Schools have until the 17th July to sign up, however, we don’t just want schools to take part, we would like as many youth organisations and groups to get involved as possible. Those interested can sign up throughout the summer.

Kirsty Fraser, Youth Voice Development Workers said: “It is extremely important that as many young people get involved and the Youth Parliament is able to truly reflect the issues that are most important for young people in Worcestershire.  The topics will again be debated in the House of Commons and help to pave the way for decision makers to take action against the results.”

For more information or take part please get in touch with  Kirsty Fraser on 01905 455319 or kfraser@worcestershire.gov.uk. You can find out more about the work of the UK Youth Parliament on www.ukyp.org.uk