Number of young people in education or training is rising

Published Monday, 23rd March 2015

New figures have shown that a significant proportion of 16 and 17 year olds in Worcestershire are participating in education or training.

Figures released by the Department for Education have shown that, as of December 2014, 88.1% of young people across the county are in education or training. This has shown a significant improvement from the 68.9% of young people that was reported in December 2013.

Worcestershire County Council have said that this increase is largely due to the improved range of education and training opportunities available to young people, as well as the support given to young people by their families, schools and professionals.

The council has also made a significant improvement to the number of young people whose education and training status is known to them. In 2013, the status of 73.5% of 16 and 17 year olds was known by the county council. Through the development of new analysis tools, and improved information sharing with schools and colleges, the council now knows the status of 93% of 16 and 17 year olds across the county.

John Edwards, Worcestershire County Council's Strategic Commissioner for Education Services said: "It's great to see this significant improvement in the number of young people taking part in education or training. 2013 saw a disappointingly high amount of young people who were 'unknown' to us but, after we have improved our relationship with schools and colleges and increased our resources to track these young people, this has improved dramatically.

"Improving outcomes for young people is one of our highest priorities so it's great to see that the range of opportunities available, as well as the support received from families and professionals, is encouraging more young people to further their education or training."