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‘Love locks’ to be removed from Diglis Bridge

Padlocks rusting on Diglis Bridge
Love locks on Diglis Bridge
Published Thursday, 29th August 2019

Locks placed on Diglis Bridge by the public, will be removed to allow for cleaning of the bridge.

Worcestershire County Council is encouraging people to collect locks placed on Diglis bridge, before September 2 2019.

The locks currently attached to the bridge are showing signs of being weathered and will need to be removed for contractors to clean the area.

Jon Fraser, Worcestershire County Council Highways said, “Many of the locks that have been attached to the bridge are not suitable for outdoor use and are now beginning rust and stain the wiring. The removal of the locks will allow us to clean the area thoroughly and improve the overall look of the bridge.

“We understand that there is often a sentimental attachment to the locks placed on the bridge, so we wanted to allow time for people to collect the locks before they are removed.”

The remaining locks will be stored for a month and available for people collect from County Hall reception.