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There was a Boy

Published Sunday, 13th May 2018

Fostering services of sixteen neighbouring Local Authorities have been working in collaboration to produce the film ‘There Was a Boy’ – the story of teenager Dan.

Launched at the beginning of Foster Care Fortnight, the UK’s biggest foster care recruitment campaign, the film highlights the need for more foster carers who would consider caring for teenagers.

The short emotive film tells two stories of two possible courses Dan’s life can take. Two alternative realities, one intervened by Foster Care and one without.

The first reality is the story of a man who has made something of his life, he has settled down into a loving relationship, he has a career. He was given a chance and made the most of it.

The second reality is of a boy who was shunned and forgotten. He dreams of a different life and what he could become, but he has no one to guide him. He gets into trouble, makes some wrong decisions that massively impact his future.

The film coveys that despite any preconceptions about young people, with love and guidance a life can be changed for the better and how foster care can impact on a child’s future.

Working together in this innovative way has resulted in each authority having an extremely high-quality production, at a low cost to each, which can be showcased and used to raise awareness for the need for more foster carers to join their local authority fostering service across the regions.