Evesham Transport Strategy

Published Monday, 31st December 2018

Latest updates on the Evesham Transport Strategy

January 2019

Evesham's traffic light systems will be assessed to see if any recent technological advancements might bring efficiency improvements, as part of the ongoing scheme to improve transport in the town. Worcestershire County Council is setting up a commission to re-assess the control systems of Evesham's traffic signals.

All traffic signals detect -and respond to- the traffic that is present, but from time to time the software that controls this response is improved and the re-assessment commission will ensure that Evesham's signals are up to date and working as efficiently as possible.  This re-assessment process is the latest step in the Evesham Transport Strategy, which seeks to develop and deliver a range of measures across the short, medium and long term.

The validation work will be undertaken in the coming months, whilst previous work has already seen more than 20 improvement options tested for 'feasibility': those that passed this testing are now being assessed in the Evesham Traffic Model, and this work is scheduled to conclude in Spring 2019.