Worcestershire residents are plastic fantastic at reducing their waste

Plastic reduction Published Thursday, 23rd August 2018

Worcestershire's residents once again proved that when it comes to reducing their waste, they are the winners.

The Plastic Reduction World Cup, a challenge set during the FIFA World Cup, saw 23 residents cutting their plastic waste during the four weeks of the World Cup.

After letting us know how much plastic each 'player' had at the start of the challenge, they closely recorded their plastic waste consumption and with the goal to reduce it week by week until the cup final result  on July 23.

The winner, Steve Peace from Droitwich, managed to reduce his plastic waste by a staggering 100%. This meant that during the last fortnight of the challenge, he used no plastic in any form. He did this by changing his shopping habits so that he didn't purchase anything in plastic, using tubs instead of bags and making his own bread instead of buying it.

The World Cup Champ Steve said: "I found the challenge fascinating and with the help of my daughters, we managed to eradicate all the plastic in our waste. 

"Before I undertook the challenge I was using a lot of plastic, most of which ended up in my black bin as it couldn't be recycled.  I really enjoyed making my own bread, but I did find that buying loose fruit and veg was more expensive than packaged ones. Hopefully this will change as more people choose to go plastic free."

Councillor Tony Miller, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for the Environment at Worcestershire County Council, said: "This was an interesting challenge and one which the residents who participated embraced enthusiastically.

"Steve made some incredible changes to his lifestyle to achieve the reduction that he did and there are four other people who reduced their plastic waste by over 90% - changes which I hope they will continue to make so that Worcestershire's plastic waste can be reduced even further."

Steve received a cheque for £150, which he will be sharing with his daughters as well as buying a copy of "Blue Planet II" on DVD – the programme that inspired him to take up the challenge.

For more information on reducing all your waste, not just plastic, go to http://www.letswasteless.com/.