A level results improve in Worcestershire

A level Published Thursday, 16th August 2018

The average grade achieved by A level pupils in Worcestershire is better this year compared with 2017.

Initial data provided by 23 schools to the County Council shows that the average grade was higher than on results day last year.

In 2018, the average A-level grade in Worcestershire was between a B and a C. In 2017, the average grade was a C.

Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Education and Skills – Councillor Marcus Hart said: "It's great news that the county's A-Level results have improved on last year.

"I would like to congratulate all the staff and pupils working and studying hard in our schools. 

"We are committed to providing all children and young people access to a high quality education preparing them for the next stage of their lives after they leave school."  

The data for Worcestershire appears to be in line with the 2018 national performance.

The 2018 national data shows a decline in the number of students achieving the top grades. For example, the proportion of students in England gaining A* to C in A-levels dropped to 78.4% from 79% last year.

In England, A-levels have been moving away from coursework and returning to students being graded on final exams.

A-levels have also been separated from AS-levels in England, leading to a significant decline in the numbers sitting the separate exam at the end of the first year. The number of candidates taking AS-levels has continued to fall as a result of these reforms. This year there were more than 50% fewer entries for the one-year AS-levels in England.

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