Update on the Evesham Transport Strategy

Evesham Published Tuesday, 7th August 2018

More than 20 options have been considered in a bid to improve traffic in Evesham in the future.

Worcestershire County Council, in partnership with Wychavon District Council, is developing the Evesham Town Transport Strategy to address the town's transport problems with a measured, incremental package of schemes that considers all modes of transport.

The continual growth in travel demand affects many parts of the UK but it is particularly felt in Evesham with its tight network of narrow roads and limited river crossings.

The strategy is required as there isn't a simple, single solution to tackle access and congestion in the town. This approach seeks to assess what schemes there might be that can be delivered in the shorter term, develop medium term schemes and build the business case for longer term investment in larger schemes.

Councillor Ken Pollock, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Economy and Infrastructure, said today: "Unfortunately there's isn't a simple answer to alleviate the transport issues in Evesham.

"The County Council is committed to reducing congestion throughout the county and Evesham is just one of the projects we are working on.

"The measures that are planned to be introduced will improve travel through Evesham for residents and also benefit businesses in the town."

Measures being considered include improvements to junctions and traffic signals together with improved facilities for cycling and walking, whilst a further vital component of the strategy is looking at the possibilities for improving how the A46 functions. To this end, the strategy is assisting Highways England, the body responsible for the operation of this trunk road, the only one in the county.

There have been a large number of proposals for improving transport in Evesham, some from Worcestershire's Local Transport Plan fourth edition and many kindly shared by residents of Evesham.

A computer-based traffic model was created to test the options. Whilst the model was being finalised, Worcestershire County Council commissioned a pre-feasibility study to assess which of these proposals could actually work on Evesham's roads.

The results from that pre-feasibility study will determine which proposals now go on to be tested in the traffic model, and Worcestershire County Council is in the process of carrying this out.

Shawn Riley, Inward Investment Manager at Wychavon District Council, said: “We are keen to encourage good communication with partners and joint working going forward."

A stakeholder group has also been set up to ensure that there is good communication between representatives of Evesham and the two councils. The stakeholder group consists of Evesham's representative bodies, Worcestershire County councillors, Wychavon District councillors, Evesham Town Council, VECTA, Vale of Evesham Civic Society, the Ramblers and Cycle Evesham Vale.

For updates on the Evesham Transport Strategy go to: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/info/20254/major_infrastructure_and_improvement_schemes/1820/evesham_transport_strategy