Celebrating two years of the Worcestershire Innovation Programme (WINN)

WINN Published Thursday, 26th July 2018

The Worcestershire Innovation Programme (WINN) is celebrating two years of boosting innovation in the county and developing a community of around 850 businesses.

Formed by Worcestershire County Council and the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (WLEP), WINN encourages new ways of doing business and provides innovators a platform to connect and collaborate.


The programme enables businesses and individuals to discover new growth opportunities and expand their ideas.


Jess Antley, senior project manager at WINN, said: "We are proud to celebrate two years of WINN.


"WINN partners with a range of organisations and individuals to stage key events across Worcestershire aimed at boosting innovation across all industry sectors.


"We are focussed on developing a community of inspirational individuals and brilliant businesses to help the region grow and become recognised nationally as a hub of innovative ideas and projects.


“We can help businesses showcase their ideas, learn from other innovators and be inspired."


WINN's motto is 'Great things happen when people get together' which is why they host numerous networking events which are attended by hundreds of businesses.


These events include five WINN Wednesday events every year where local entrepreneurs developing innovations meet to exchange ideas and talk to pioneering leaders about business opportunities, communication platforms, sales and investment.


WINN also hosts three roundtables and four workshops every year to facilitate the sharing of best practises in a range of topics such as manufacturing, marketing, technology and management.


Some local businesses that have been helped by WINN are Coomber Electronics Ltd, Curiosity Museum, The Infirmary, The Kiln, Vikki Holloway Ltd and Zentano.


Vikki Holloway, founder of Vikki Holloway Ltd, has innovated a different way of doing business called Strength Based Approach. The strength based approach identifies a person, team or organisation's unique capabilities and strengths and uses that to motivate employees. By tapping into the creative potential employees, the approach allows organisations to innovate and achieve success.


Vikki said: "WINN has been brilliant and I really support the programme. Jess's enthusiasm and energy is unrivalled and she has been of great help. I have met a number of organisations through events organised by WINN and worked with them.


"WINN has been a brilliant resource."    


For more information visit the WINN website: https://winn-hub.com/