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Train like a Jedi

Train like a Jedi - Change for life image Published Thursday, 19th July 2018

Worcestershire County Council is supporting Public Health England's latest initiative to get children active and exercising this summer.

Train like a Jedi is a fitness programme which encourages children to move more and is inspired by a number of recognisable characters from the Hollywood blockbuster Star Wars.

Taekwondo Olympic Gold Medallist Jade Jones is a part of an all-star cast as children can play along with a video which teaches them all the moves they need to become ready for when the resistance force come calling.

Combined together, the 12 moves become one special Jedi training routine that helps children learn and master six key skills – technique, strength, stamina, speed, agility and mastery.

Frances Howie, Director of Public Health said: "Train like a Jedi is a great initiative that will hopefully inspire children to get active during their summer holidays.

"Being active is key to a child's development and keeps them healthy and happy.
"We are pleased to support this great initiative amongst the many other initiatives we run here in Worcestershire aimed at keeping children fit and healthy."

The campaign follows on from the Government's nationwide plan, announced earlier this month, to halve the number of obese children by 2030.  The new measures will also see the Government consult with the TV and advertising industry, to look into the possibility of advertising restrictions, to prevent children being targeted by unhealthy products.

The Worcestershire Health and Well-being Board is committed to tackling physical inactivity and has identified 'Being Active' as one of its key priorities for health in Worcestershire. 

The counties Supporting Health and Promoting Exercise initiative targets those experiencing low mood, mild depression or anxiety and who currently do little or no exercise yet don't feel confident enough to join a gym or attend a new sports club.

There a number of organised activities happening throughout the summer across Worcestershire that children and families can participate in. Visit your local district council website to find out more about holiday activities in your area or follow @HealthWorcs on Twitter.


For more information or to watch the initial video, please visit: https://www.nhs.uk/change4life/activities/train-like-a-jedi


To sign up to the SHAPE programme, please visit: www.learninworcestershire.ac.uk/book-a-course  and search for 'SHAPE'