Worcestershire couples to marry on the same day as Harry & Meghan

Andrew Shergold and Sheila Smith who are due to marry on Saturday 19th of May 2018
Andrew Shergold and Sheila Smith who are due to marry on Saturday 19th of May 2018
Published Monday, 14th May 2018

15 couples from across the county are having a royal wedding of their own.


Worcestershire registrars are in for a busy day on Saturday May 19th, the same day Prince Harry ties the knot with Meghan Markle. 


In the run up to the 19th, there are a total of 20 ceremonies across the county.


Three couples are getting married at Worcestershire Registration Offices, three at Partner Registration Offices and nine ceremonies in approved premises around the county.


Alix Rowley, who is marrying David Massocchi on May 19th at County Hall said: "We chose the date before Harry and Meghan, and when we heard they were planning on getting married in the spring we joked around saying it'd be the same as ours.


"David and I met about 17 years ago working at Worcester Hospital Pharmacy and last year we got engaged on Valentine's Day. He'd bought me two cards; one that said to my fiancé and one that didn't, just in case I said no!


"It feels a little bit weird that we're getting married on the day of the Royal Wedding; everyone around us has a bit of wedding fever, but we're obviously just focusing on ours. At least no one will forget our anniversary."


Sheila Smith, 66 and Andrew Shergold, 67 from Kidderminster are getting married at Kidderminster Town Hall on May 19th after meeting online in January 2017.


Sheila said: "He proposed to me a few months after we met, but I made him wait for an answer. I've had plenty of marriage experience and wanted to make sure I made the right decision this time!


"We didn't even realise it was the Royal Wedding the same day until a few days ago, shows how much news I follow. It makes it a bit more special actually, as I have a few royal ties. I was born the same day the King died. On my 50th, I was invited to Buckingham Palace Garden Party with 3000 others born the same day.


"The garden party was amazing, I remember every minute of it and it will stay with me until the day I die.


"Before Harry and Meghan announced their date, our wedding was just a wedding, and now we're getting married on the same day as the royals!"


There are more than 70 licensed venues across Worcestershire where a civil wedding can take place; this includes Registration Offices and Approved Premises that are perfectly fit for a royal.


You don't have to live within the county to have a special ceremony here but you will need to use Worcestershire County Council's Registration Services to legalise your big day.


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