Worcestershire County Council offers guidance for riparian owners

Managing ditches and watercourses leaflet
Managing ditches and watercourses leaflet
Published Friday, 4th May 2018

A leaflet has been produced by Worcestershire County Council and its partners aimed at helping those living with a watercourse on, or adjoining their land.

The leaflet offers guidance to riparian owners (landowners with ditches, streams or rivers on or connected to their land) about maintenance of the areas and how to understand their rights and responsibilities.


The guidance has also been provided to avoid confusion over who is responsible to keep watercourses regularly maintained.


Properly maintaining watercourses helps to reduce the risk of flooding so it is really important that landowners know how to do this.


Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Environment Cllr Tony Miller said: "Proper management of the huge network of smaller watercourses and ditches across Worcestershire is an essential part of the overall effort to reduce flood risk. This new leaflet will help anyone who has responsibility for such a watercourse to be aware of their responsibilities and to carry them out whilst also helping to protect and enhance the environment"


The guidance for maintaining watercourses includes: removing obstructions, getting consent to carry our work, managing invasive plant species and mowing & trimming the area.


The leaflet can be viewed and downloaded from the Flood Risk Management website



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