Where do our plastics go?

Plastic Published Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Residents in Worcestershire are being encouraged to think about reducing their plastic usage.

The stir created by recent TV programmes with images of sea life being harmed by the amount of plastic floating in the seas has sparked a huge debate in the UK, with people asking 'where does my plastic go?'

Residents in Worcestershire can be reassured that the plastic that goes into their green recycling bins is passed onto an appropriately licenced company for recycling. As a county, over 5,000 tonnes of plastic bottles and food containers were recycled last year, the equivalent of 37 blue whales.

Once collected it is taken to EnviroSort in Norton where it is separated according to the type of plastic it is and then sold onto the companies who reprocess the plastic.  These companies are predominantly in the UK but sometimes plastics are shipped to Europe and occasionally Asia for recycling.

Councillor Tony Miller, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for the Environment, said: "As the public is becoming more aware about the damage that plastics do to the environment, we need to encourage residents to actually think about reducing their plastic usage, particularly those 'single use' ones.

"There are numerous ways to reduce the reliance on single use plastics such as buying reusable plastic bottles, changing to reusable nappies instead of disposables and using cotton buds with paper stems instead of plastic. All of these items contribute towards the 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic that now sits in landfill sites across the world.

"As a Council, we are actively speaking to partners who run our canteens for example to see if there are any feasible solutions around plastic reduction and ways to encourage customers to recycle more of their waste."

Over the coming months, representatives from Worcestershire County Council will be at a number of events advising residents on how to reduce their waste and offering alternatives to coffee cups and plastic drinks bottles.

For more information on how to reduce all waste, not just plastic, go to www.letswasteless.com. Anyone organising an event who would be keen for a representative from the County Council to attend should email Letswasteless@worcestershire.gov.uk