Further options to be explored regarding traffic flow on a Redditch road

Published Tuesday, 6th February 2018

Further consideration will be taken on how to improve traffic flow along a busy road in Webheath Redditch.

There was a proposal in place to consider making Heathfield Road one way between Church Road and Downsell Road, but this did not receive enough support from residents.

County Councillors Brandon Clayton and Robin Lunn had asked Worcestershire County Council to conduct a survey of the residents of Heathfield Rd, Blackstitch Lane, Weatheroak Close, and Yeadon Close. For any scheme to be adopted, it requires the support of a majority of all households in the surveyed roads. 

In this survey carried out after considerable local concerns related to the safe free flow of traffic, 97 households voted in favour and 55 voted against. However, nearly 50% of households did not vote, so the proposal did not receive the required support.

Councillor Brandon Clayton, Vice Chairman of Worcestershire County Council, said: "This road has been a point of increasing concern with residents, particularly in regards to the safe flow of traffic. We did not receive the necessary support from residents to proceed with further consideration of a one way order. This was very disappointing".

Councillor Robin Lunn added: "We know from the doorstep conversations that we both had with residents, that there was strong support for a One Way system, which was reflected in the vote. However, it is important that any scheme has majority support from '"all" households. If the support remains high, and the amount of traffic continues to grow, then we would support another consultative ballot being held". 

The survey was carried out following local concerns relating to the safe free flow of traffic along Heathfield Road. In particular, concerns have been raised regarding vehicle conflict, resulting in reversing manoeuvres and regular footway overrun.

Councillors Clayton and Lunn personally delivered the ballet papers out to residents. Residents were asked to share their thoughts via a letter drop survey that was launched on the 18th November 2017 with a response required by 15th December 2017.