Fostering is the best job in the world according to new campaign

WCC 2018 Fostering 2018 New campaign
A new campaign from Worcestershire County Council is hailing Fostering as 'The Best Job In The World'.
Published Friday, 2nd February 2018

A new campaign from Worcestershire County Council is hailing Fostering as 'The Best Job In The World'.

The campaign, which features online and local radio advertising, aims to encourage people to become a foster parent through Worcestershire Fostering.

Worcestershire County Council is committed to improving the lives of children and young people. 'The Best Job In The World' slogan reflects its commitment to providing a wealth of support to its foster carers and social work staff, including a range of benefits and services to ensure they can meet the needs of the children and young people they care for.

Foster carer Heidi Turner said: "Joining the Worcestershire Fostering team from an independent fostering agency was a really smooth and easy transition, and it's been the best decision I've ever made. The support levels have been superior, the training has been great, and I really feel part of the team."

Among the benefits of working with a local authority are the fact that the child remains in the local area, more direct channels of communication, 24/7 emergency support and being part of a strong network.

Foster carer Mike Fesemeyer said: "By working for a local authority, you enjoy more direct communication with a shorter chain of command, which makes the team more compact and more effective. This approach is more beneficial to the child, and ultimately that's what fostering is about."

In addition to generous fees and allowances, Fostering with Worcestershire County Council means that a range of expenses including school uniforms and holidays are covered.

Joining the team also offers access to a wealth of holistic training and professional support from ISL Health & Wellbeing Service, taking in everything from psychological advice, parenting support and therapeutic intervention with children, discounted leisure passes and regular arts, music and events as part of the Green Fingers project.

Worcestershire Fostering Group Manager Barbara Carter said: "We're hugely proud to offer a wealth of support and guidance to all of our foster carers, helping them to feel valued and ultimately helping to deliver better outcomes to the children and young people in our care."

Andy Roberts, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Children and Families at Worcestershire County Council, said: "The decision to foster a child is one of the biggest you can make but the difference it brings means it's one of the most rewarding. We're hoping to inspire people to join us by letting them know about the benefits and support available to our foster parents."

"With this support, we truly believe that Fostering is 'The Best Job In The World', and we're proud to reflect that in our latest campaign."

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