County Council's Social Work Academy launches

WCC Social Work Academy Launch
Catherine Driscoll, Director of Children, Families and Communities addresses colleagues at the launch of the Worcestershire Social Work Academy
Published Monday, 15th January 2018

Worcestershire County Council's The Social Work Academy has been launched this week, as part of an on-going project aimed at improving confidence and skills within social workers.

The Academy is a comprehensive information hub that all County Council social workers will now have available to them, to enhance their skills and knowledge.

It will also enable social workers at all levels of experience to easily access training.

The launch of the Academy will headline and run alongside the Celebrating Social Workers' Week event ran by the County Council, aimed at shining the spotlight on Social Workers, and improving knowledge of the profession for all.

Councillor Adrian Hardman, Cabinet Member for Adult Services said:

"Worcestershire's Social workers need to be the best they can be to continue to provide vital services of an excellent quality to the children, families and adults we support. It is extremely important that our workforce continues to improve, and all staff are thoroughly supported and encouraged to better their knowledge of Social Work.

"The Social Work Academy will allow easier access to all of the excellent training and professional development that is already taking place in Worcestershire.

"The launch of improved services like the Social Work Academy will hopefully help us attract the very best social workers to the county, and further highlight the positive reasons why Worcestershire is a great place to live and work."

Catherine Driscoll, Director of Children's, Families and Communities said:

"The Social Work Academy is a real focal point in our approach towards Social Work development. The Celebrating Social Work Week is first and foremost about celebrating the great work our social workers do, often in difficult circumstances.

"The Social Work Academy is about making sure that our staff have the resources available to them to provide the best services possible out in the community, whilst feeling supported in terms of their own professional development and career progression.

"The Social Work Academy will further strengthen our relationships with the Social Work community both in the county and further afield."

The Social Work Academy launch and the Celebrating Social Work event did take place at County Hall.

The Celebrating Social Workers event featured  a keynote speech from Siobhan McLean, a successful social worker turned author.