Global Environmental Lawyer to Speak at The Hive on ClientEarth

Environmental Talk at The Hive
Client Earth talk at The Hive
Published Wednesday, 1st November 2017

The impact that lawyers can have on the planet will be explored in the ‘ClientEarth’ talk at The Hive on 22 November.

James Thornton, an environmental lawyer and founding CEO of ClientEarth, is best known in Britain for forcing the Government to act on illegal levels of air pollution. James and his husband Martin Goodman, author and chair of Creative Writing at the University of Hull, have recently co-authored a book, which tells the successful story of ClientEarth from inception to the present day.

James and Martin will talk about the journey of the non-profit organisation and how lawyers can shape cultural change by taking the Earth as their client.

James Thornton was named by the New Statesman as one of 10 people who could change the world. His work has provided new rules to environmental legislation and ensured existing laws are upheld.

In its 10 years, ClientEarth has brought many firsts to the ‘green movement’. Its worldwide offices and teams work to ensure global environmental issues such as cleaner energy use and transparency in regulations are enforced.

This fascinating talk will take place at The Hive on Wednesday 22 November at 6.30pm. Tickets cost £6 or £5 for students/concessions and can be booked at The Hive or on The Hive website