Funding joy for Bromsgrove

Bromsgrove Published Friday, 20th October 2017

A multi-million pound government investment to ease congestion in Bromsgrove and improve travel choices for residents is being welcomed by local politicians.

More details are being unveiled about the three and a half million pound investment announced by the Department for Transport.

It was announced last week that Worcestershire will receive a total of £6.6m of funding from the DfT which will be spent in the town to make improvements.

Bromsgrove currently has some of the worst provision for pedestrians and cyclists of any town in Worcestershire. The £3.4million funding will address this, by providing a new integrated network of attractive and safe walking and cycling routes, linking the railway station, the town centre and residential and employment areas.

Cllr Ken Pollock, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Economy and Infrastructure, said: "Tackling traffic congestion across Worcestershire is a priority for us and that is why the County Council is already investing £5m into schemes that will improve traffic flow across the county.

"This additional investment from the Department for Transport will enable us to do even more to help local residents beat congestion and get around more quickly, cheaply and reliably.

"Investment in transport infrastructure such as this will help to promote active travel and provide businesses with improved access to markets and employees and encourage economic growth in Worcestershire."

Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid said: "I'm absolutely delighted that Bromsgrove has been allocated £3.4 million towards improving infrastructure.

"Before I became MP, I pledged to improve infrastructure and roads across the constituency. It's been my top priority and I'm thrilled that our Government is listening to the needs of constituents across Bromsgrove District.

"This Government funding will not only help to unlock growth but it will boost the town centre and help to continue fuelling the Midland's Engine."

For some time, Bromsgrove's residents have raised the issue of a lack of alternatives to driving in the town, which is known to be a major cause of congestion as local people feel forced to make even short trips by car.

This announcement will directly address this, as well as helping to improve air quality, encourage people to choose active travel options such as walking or cycling which are better for the environment and their health.

An additional £3.2m will be spent in Worcester between St John's and Sidbury to improve traffic flow. The focus will be on signal and crossing upgrades and public realm improvements at locations including St Johns, Croft Road, Sidbury and Dolday.

The £6.6m complements millions already being invested by Worcestershire County Council into easing congestion.