Worcestershire leading the way with electric transport

Electric cars Published Wednesday, 26th July 2017

The number of electric cars and charging points are on the up in Worcestershire, with a renewed commitment by the County Council to make the County more sustainable.

Worcestershire is leading the way when it comes to electric vehicles and installing charging points. There are 723 electric vehicles registered in Worcestershire, more than any other area of the Midlands except for Birmingham, according to latest figures.

It comes as the Government announced today that new diesel and petrol cars will be banned in the UK from 2040 in a bid to tackle air pollution.

Worcestershire County Council has installed 12 rapid charge points thanks to Government funding. The County Council has two electric pool cars and an electric courier van.

Electric vehicles have no exhaust emissions, so they don't contribute to the growing problem of local air pollution in our urban areas and key transport corridors.

Ministers are also expected to unveil today a £255million pot of funding that local authorities will be able to bid for, as part of a much wider £3bn package of spending on air quality.

Worcestershire County Council works in close partnership with Worcestershire Regulatory Services, on behalf of the six district councils to develop and manage the Worcestershire Air Quality Action Plan.

In Worcestershire there is also a commitment to promoting electrification of all buses and taxis, which are currently diesel powered vehicles.  Some of the worst air quality levels are in our city and town centres on busy routes frequently used by these vehicle types.

Also, people living in the County are encouraged, where possible, to walk or cycle when going on short journeys rather than using the car, as this improves public health and helps to reduce unnecessary air pollution.

Councillor Tony Miller, Cabinet Member with Responsivity for the Environment, said: "In Worcestershire we are committed to creating a healthy, sustainable environment for everyone. It's not only important for people's wellbeing, but also the economy and for the natural environment.

"We've currently got 12 rapid charge points across the county and three electric vehicles, but there's always more that can be done.

"Working with partners, the County Council continues to push for more and more electric charge points to be installed across the County, to make Worcestershire as electric-vehicle friendly as possible, as well as supporting local businesses and residents to consider electric vehicles, where these are cost-effective."