Young Volunteers Needed for Summer Reading Challenge

Young Volunteers Published Thursday, 18th May 2017

Worcestershire Libraries and Learning Service are looking for young volunteers aged 12 - 24 years to join their Summer Reading Challenge teams.

The Summer Reading Challenge, a national initiative run each year by The Reading Agency, encourages children aged 4-12 years old to read six or more books during the school summer holidays.  Volunteers are needed from Saturday 24 June to Saturday 23 September to help at events and in libraries across the county.

As well as having huge amounts of fun, Summer Reading Challenge volunteers have the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new friends and make a positive contribution to their community – all extremely valuable when later searching for work or applying for college or university places.  Anyone volunteering will need to commit to providing a minimum of 5 hours of their time over the summer and can work at a variety of times throughout the week.

There are a number of different roles volunteers can get involved in which include general volunteer in the library, book specialist, and event planner.

A previous volunteer said: "Being involved in this year's Summer Reading Challenge has been a brilliant experience. Not only has it improved my confidence but it has given me an insight into the work environment.  I really want to do it again next year."

Natalie McVey, Libraries and Learning Service Lead for Young People said: "Last years  young  volunteers for the Summer Reading Challenge helped an amazing 2,776 children complete the Challenge.

"The volunteering experience is invaluable, and the help and support we receive from our young volunteers is essential for the success of the scheme.  We are hoping to recruit even more volunteers this year to help even more children benefit from the Challenge."

To find out more information about volunteering for the Summer Reading Challenge visit or contact Natalie McVey on 07876 144905.