Artist Duo to Create New Work to Celebrate The Hive's 5th Anniversary

Published Wednesday, 10th May 2017

An artist duo has been commissioned to undertake a special residency at The Hive as part of its 5th anniversary celebrations.

Heather and Ivan Morison will develop a new piece of artwork, which will be revealed later this year. They have been commissioned by The Hive working with Meadow Arts.

The Hive was the first joint university and public library in Europe, and opened in July 2012 as a partnership between the University of Worcester and Worcestershire County Council.

The artists are using this fascinating intersection between academia and civic life to develop the piece. They are meeting with the staff, students, users and groups who use The Hive, and are looking at what the people of Worcester are reading.

They are also opening up their artistic process to the Fine Art students of the University, who are following and participating in this live project, gaining a unique experience and insight into how an artist works, including special one-to-one sessions with the artists, where students can discuss their own work and ideas.

Heather and Ivan Morison have established an ambitious collaborative practice over the past decade that transcends the divisions between art, architecture and theatre. They make art as an active engagement with materials, histories, sites and processes, producing sculpture, plays, photographs, installations and buildings, and site-specific projects internationally, including the establishment of an arboretum in Wales.
More recently they have been known for their architectural structures that relate to ideas of escape, play, shelter and refuge, the transformation of the modern city, weight and levity, solidity and transparency; the construction of which are very often part of a broad community effort.
The Morisons have begun work at The Hive, undertaking the research and development phase of the project.

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