Need help with composting? Just ask the children!

comp Published Monday, 8th May 2017

Everyone loves the Andrex advert with the boy asking someone if they are "as clean as a man called David" after going to the toilet.

Children say it how it is and their often quirky look at life is what Worcestershire County Council hopes will encourage lapsed composters to take it up again, or those who had never considered it, to start.

Children from St Barnabas C of E Primary School, Worcester, were asked a number of questions about composting and their responses to these form the basis of two new videos on the Lets Waste Less website to remind people, in a humorous way, what can and cannot be put into a compost bin.

Often people buy a compost bin in an attempt to be green, find it isn't working how they envisaged due to their lack of knowledge and then they abandon them.  These short films will encourage people to seek help on the relevant pages of the Let's Waste Less website, so they can understand the best mixture of materials to get the best compost for their garden.

Emma Stuart, Waste Prevention Project Manager at Worcestershire County Council said: "I love the sense of humour that your average 6 year old has and the children of St Barnabas Primary School certainly provided some incredibly funny and interesting answers.

"Composting is often perceived as being a bit "fuddy duddy" and not something families or children want to get involved with, but a lot of children compost at school these days and are keen to pass this knowledge onto their parents. 

"The information on the Lets Waste Less website and in the films will reassure people that composting isn't really that hard to do."

In addition to advice on the website, Worcestershire County Council has a number of volunteers who are experts on composting and can offer free advice to residents on how to set up and maintain their compost bins.  To get this advice please email

For more information on composting and to view the two films go to